Cold Weather Tips

Happy New Years from the Panadew Family!

With the new year kicking off we are looking forward to an exciting 2017. With sub-zero temperatures approaching, you can expect an increase in heating bills. We have prepared some tips to help cut down on the cold and help you keep some cash.

1. Window maintenance: Kingston is known to have some of the most beautiful historic homes in Canada. Historic windows come with special care during the winter season. Storm windows on the outside of the house should be closed all the way before closing the main wooden window inside of the house. This will prevent unwanted drafts and moisture. Please do not hesitate to contact Panadew if you are having any issues with any windows.

2. Space Heaters: Running additional space heaters can be extremely costly during the winter months and avoiding these methods is highly recommended. Instead, stay cozy, this is a great time of year to cuddle up under the blankets with warm slippers and a hot chocolate.

3. Home Heat: Protect your money by conserving energy. Keeping your thermostat between a modest 18 °C – 23 °C at-all-times, is more cost effective than turning the heat down during the day and turning it back up when you get home.

4. Walkways: Don’t Rush! Watch your step on those icy paths and give yourself additional travelling time when commuting. Using salt or sand can provide traction on those icy areas around walkways and/or stairs. We highly recommended using these methods to avoid unwanted slips/falls and injuries.

5. Stay Bundled: Warm hats, gloves, boots and extra layers of clothes will help keep out the cold until warm weather returns. As always, please take care of each other out there and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Winter Fun in Kingston
The City of Kingston is gearing up for their annual Feb Fest which includes live music, games, attractions and much more fun for everyone.
The Market Square continues their public skating ice rink with facilities to dress and rent skates.


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