The Holidays have come to a close, and the return to school begins. If your New Year’s resolution includes becoming a better cook, or even just reducing your diet of fast-food, then let us provide some suggestions for some kitchen essentials.

• Utensils – veggie peelers, measuring cups, can openers, spatulas, tongs, a utility knife and mixing bowls are all essential to the creation of your next culinary masterpiece. Getting stocked up doesn’t mean breaking the piggy bank – check out the dollar store or Walmart for everything you need.
• Coffee Makers/Kettles – both appliances are reasonably priced, easy to find, and become huge money savers. Instead of spending a few dollars every day on a morning coffee or tea, which inevitably adds up over the year, invest in a cheaper way to get your caffeine.
• Tupperware – what’s better than making a delicious dinner? Eating leftovers for lunch the next day! It’s easy to reduce the amount of money you spend in the cafeteria.
• A large frying pan – being able to cook rice, noodles, and stir fries in a large vessel is a great way to cook healthier meals in large quantities. You can cook for your roommates or save some food for dinner the next day.
• Baking sheets – there are lots of recipes for easy dinners or baked goods that can be popped into the oven with sheets. Grab a couple and start looking up recipes!
• Cleaning supplies –you can’t get away with this one. Don’t attract pests and keep your surfaces sanitary.

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