Are you looking to make your rental space feel more like home? Whether you’re a student, or a long-term renter looking to freshen your space, it can be difficult to make your mark on a rental unit, especially if you’re looking to decorate on a dime. Here are some tips to let your inner interior designer shine:

• Make your room seem bigger by hanging a large mirror on the wall. Floor length mirrors are great for making a smaller space appear more open. (Look in flea markets, Kijiji, and second hand stores for a bargain.)
• Give your room a fresh coat of paint – just make sure you run the paint colour by your property management staff so they can approve of the shade beforehand.
• Create your own artwork! Check out local workshops ( for example) and create a masterpiece for that vacant living room wall.
• Restore your old furniture. With some elbow grease, sandpaper, and chalk paint, a little work can create a beautiful rustic aesthetic.
• Get inspired by interesting storage ideas. Check out Ikea catalogues, Pinterest and Etsy to find creative ways of storing items while simultaneously decluttering!
• If all else fails, add some plants to bring in some colour and life to your space.

A little work goes a long way to bring colour and comfort into your unit. If you’re in the market looking for a space to call your home, follow us on Facebook, as well as our website ( to find out about available units as soon as they’re available!


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