Moving to a new home will significantly impact anyone who undergoes the big step! While it can be exciting to experience a new neighbourhood, meet new neighbours, and decorate your new space, packing up and shipping out can be supremely stressful. It’s important for us to remember the more vulnerable ones in the family when undertaking such a big change; children and pets may experience large difficulties with a buzzing, frantic household. There are, however, some ways to help ease the pain!

Prepare before hand.
– Communicate with your kids about the move well before it happens. This will help them process the idea and their feelings. Try to visit your new neighbourhood with them, or take them to a walk-through so they can better understand what their new space will look like.
– Practice travelling with your pets in the car if you’re undertaking an extended trip to your new abode. Perhaps even talk to your veterinary clinic about anxiety medication if necessary.

Organize your moving day.
– Consider having your kids stay with family during the actual moving day, or promote tasks to distract them from the chaos. Pack a box of their favourite toys together for them to unpack as soon as they move in!
– Hire a petsitter or set up a quiet spot for your pets to stay in during the move, such as a spare bedroom. Remember to take your dogs out for frequent breaks and provide treats!

Do your best after the move.
– Try to set up your child’s room quickly after the move to help normalize their new surroundings. If your family has certain traditions, such as movie nights on Friday, or eating spaghetti on Mondays, stick to these fun events to calm their worries.
– Routine is just as important for pets! Try to place their original dish and bed set-up in a similar place to their old home.

Small steps and some preparation go a long way!

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