Staying Warm This Winter

It can be daunting if the temperature begins to drop inside your home during a frigid winter’s day. Before you prepare for the worst, check to see if there may be an easy solution.

We commonly encounter these two scenarios:

• If you have electric heating, check to see that you haven’t tripped a breaker or blown a fuse. For breakers, locate your main breaker box, and reset the tripped circuit breaker by flipping the correct switch. For fuses, you’ll need to replace the discoloured bulb with another bulb of the same size, type and amperage.
• Double-check that your apartment doesn’t have an on-off switch for the furnace that can mistakenly get bumped. Some switches even resemble a light switch which can cause some confusion.

If you’re looking to cut down on heating bills, here are some ideas:

• Place window film on each window. It can be purchased at any department store. It’ll help reduce heat loss through windows, subsequently lowering your heating bill.
• Keep your thermostat at a modest temperature, such as 18-23 Celsius, at all times. It’s more efficient to keep the temperature the same then to fluctuate it through the day/night.
• Wear extra layers and use hot water bottles to stay cozy.

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