There are a multitude of benefits to having houseplants in your living space, and each plant has different characteristics that make it unique. If you’ve been considering adding greenery, but are getting flashbacks about the last plant you killed, fret not because we’ve put together a list of low-maintenance and popular house plants that just about anyone can keep alive.

• Snake Plants – one of the easiest indoor plants to care for requires somewhat dry soil and any level of lighting. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

• Pothos – cut back stems when they get too long, provide a space with some light and wait for the soil to get dry before you water it again.

• Spider Plants – keep the soil moist and provide bright lighting conditions. This easy-to-care-for plant even produces little babies that can be chopped off and placed in soil.

• Air Plants – smaller varieties do well with regular misting and bright indirect sunlight. Such interesting plants are becoming trendy and can be found in garden centres or novelty stores. No soil necessary!

• Peace Lilies – this striking plant prefers lower levels of light and moist soil. You can prevent over watering by only providing water when the soil is dry or waiting for the leaves to droop.

• Areca Palms – keep the soil somewhat dry by watering on alternate weeks and provide indirect light. This lively plant has a great tropical look to it.

Not only do indoor plants purify air and add colour in our living spaces, but they have been proven to improve moods, lower risks of illnesses and enhance concentration. Plus if loneliness ever strikes, you can talk to your new green friends – studies show that talking to plants increases their growth.

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