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Client testimonials let us know how well we are working for the tenants we serve and the clients property we help manage. Panadew takes pride in the work we do for our property owners and tenants. Please take a moment to let us know how we are performing for you.

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Panadew has turned my rental business around. I was coping with depressed rents, extended vacancies, and damaged property. My yearly losses were increasing and my investment value was plummeting. Only months after Panadew took over, the property was repaired, vacancies were filled, and rents achieved reasonable levels. There was a cost, but it is being recouped. Now the apartments are desirable and the bottom line is healthy. Panadew is very professional. They excel in people diplomacy, building management, and legal process. Panadew has made my rental business a “no hassle” experience.
— R. Maclennan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am currently using four different property managers for my buildings, three houses and eighteen apartment units. Panadew has been looking after the largest of my buildings (an eleven unit apartment) for over three years. I have managed some of my own buildings as rentals at different times and I know first hand some of what is involved, and how difficult a job it can be.

Before I first asked Panadew to look after my building we discussed what I wanted from them and what they expected from me. Panadew felt that by reinvesting in the building we could get better tenants and rents. Three years later my building has been largely renovated, with a substantial amount of the cost out of cash flow, and returns have been significantly improved. Panadew looked after all the renovations, and managed to keep the building almost fully occupied whilst the work was being carried out. Panadew has never bothered me with the trivia of running the building and does an excellent job of keeping it occupied and maintained without undue expense. Because I have dealt with many other property managers I feel qualified to say that Panadew is one of the best. I have never felt that I am being “nickel and dimed” or that I am being handed undue expenses. In fact I have been often surprised at the extents Panadew has gone in looking after my interests, such as appealing my property tax bill. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend Panadew for anyone’s management needs, in fact I would tell you not to bother looking elsewhere.
— A. Maycock, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

After interviewing 3 property management firms, my wife and I selected Panadew based on current client referrals and Panadew’s take charge approach to handling our investment as well as their knowledge of the Kingston Rental Market. Our experience with all members of Panadew’s agents, has been so positive and rewarding that we have invested in another property for them to manage.
— B. & D. Flood, Kingston, Ontario

I have used Panadew Property Management services for three years and have been very pleased with their exceptional professionalism. They have consistently kept my property rented with good tenants. They have dealt with city officials on my behalf to resolve contentious issues. They have an excellent network of skilled tradesmen who have completed necessary repairs to increase the value of my property.

I now feel free to pursue my own interests instead of being chained to the responsibilities of owning a rental property. Panadew Property Management deserves its reputation as the best property management firm for residential buildings in Kingston. Thanks for all your work!
— K. Beeman, Kingston, Ontario

Panadew has managed my company’s properties for about 21 years, and I am extremely happy with the job they have done for me during this time. I am out of the country for most of the year, so Panadew takes complete responsibility for all my rental units in Kingston. They look after renting the properties, assessing and overseeing any repair work necessary, collection and dispersal of all monies relating to the properties, all tenant interface, and preparation of monthly reports.

Panadew has proven themselves to be completely responsible and diligent managers. They are trustworthy and have a high level of commitment to managing my units in a competent and responsible manner. Also, because of the changing rental market in Kingston, it has become necessary for property managers to become more creative in their approach to renting. Panadew has a strong sense of what is most advantageous in this area and has persistently seized every opportunity to rent the units at the best possible price.

Panadew has also done several renovation projects for me, including the design and construction of new layouts for some of my units. They are a master at finding realistic solutions to problems, and I have always found Panadew’s agents to be both honest and straight forward in their dealings with people.
— J. Baumann, Sedona, Arizona, USA

I chose to go with Panadew after being introduced to them by my lawyer. I was having a difficult time with a group of troublesome tenants and after managing the property for several years I was considering evicting the tenants and selling my property. Panadew was able to deal with this particular group of tenants in an objective and positive manner. They attended a rental tribunal hearing and dealt with property standards officials on my behalf. Repairs that were required to my property were completed quickly and at a price that even if I had done all the work myself I would not have been able to match. The crisis was solved and I retained my property.

Panadew continued to manage my property for almost 10 years. Once a month I would receive a statement and a cheque from Panadew indicating all routine maintenance performed. No more calls at 2:00 am saying the furnace wouldn’t work or the kitchen sink was plugged. No more mowing the lawn at 2 houses. All maintenance was performed at surprisingly low cost.

There was never any question of vacancy and all advertising and tenant screening was taken care of by Panadew. It amounted to worry free property ownership with positive cash flow.

Due to a huge upsurge in real estate values in the vicinity of my property I decided it was time to sell it. If it had not been for the help of Panadew I would likely have sold my property well before being able to capitalize on the upswing in real estate values. Choosing to enlist the services of Panadew was one of the wisest business decisions I have made.
— W. Harpell, Napanee, Ontario

About twelve years ago, I purchased a downtown rental building where Panadew had been doing the property management for the previous owner. I met with Dan, and decided to retain Panadew’s services with this acquisition, and, being new to the concept of property management, watch and see how well it went. At the time, I was self-managing a number of other rental properties which were in varying degrees becoming problematic (dealing with difficult tenants, repairs, spiraling costs) to the extent that it was taking a toll on the rest of my life. This was not the way I had envisioned spending my time. One by one, I turned over management of these buildings to Panadew, and they now manage 17 units for me. I have been very pleased with the result. They are professional and fair in their approach with both me and the tenants, and overall have engaged in a long term plan to upgrade units, improve the physical plant and increase rents while maintaining long term tenants and consistent cash flow. They are realistic and analytical when it comes to assessing upgrade needs vis-à-vis the rental market, and while they have sometimes almost had to pry the cash from me, I must say that their reasoning has proven sound over time. As I live in town and maintain other units on my own, I do not really fall into the absentee landlord category, and keep in fairly close touch with them. They communicate with me well, and we have developed a rapport and they understand where I as the owner am coming from philosophically.

Over all, Panadew has turned some of my ‘problem’ buildings around, giving me more time to do what I want to do. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
— M. Shaw, Kingston, Ontario

Panadew Property Mgmt. has provided an absolutely invaluable service to me for the past three years. I am an absentee landlord that lives in Quebec City and have neither the time nor resources to properly manage the house that I rent out in Kingston. I was able to sign a contract with Dan in one day, and have never since worried about the management of my property. Panadew has gone to exceptional lengths to ensure that my house has been efficiently and profitably managed, and I am personally very thankful for the work that Panadew has done.

Panadew is at all times professional in its dealings with customers and clients, and I put great trust in Dan and his group as honest and faithful workers. They are at the same time realistic, and understand the market well. They will not overestimate what can be done for your business investments; they will work hard to ensure that your properties are carefully and efficiently managed, and that you are constantly kept aware of what is happening and of alternatives.

I am personally very gratified and thankful to Panadew for the excellent service that they have provided over the last three years – without doubt, they have made all the difference in being able to keep my house and earn a profit from it.
— R. Eyestone, Quebec City, Quebec