Why Use A Property Manager

10 Good Reasons to meet with Panadew Property Management:

  1. You have little or no time available to manage your residential or commercial properties.
  2. Managing your rental properties has distracted you from work, family, and recreational priorities.
  3. Dealing with tenants has been difficult for you.
  4. Searching for real estate investments? Panadew can give you an objective opinion on residential or commercial properties.
  5. You want someone else to deal with tenants, and with the repair and maintenance for your income properties.
  6. You don’t know how to begin the eviction process for an existing tenant.
  7. You are interested in a second objective opinion on your income properties.
  8. You are unclear on the exact value of your income property in the leasing market.
  9. You are interested in improving property cash flow and property values.
  10. You want a professional approach to managing your real estate portfolio.

Additional Services offered by Panadew:

  • Property Consulting.
  • Leasing Service.
  • Evictions. Evict residents, if necessary, and supervise legal action to recover losses.
  • Property tax appeals if the value is less than assessment
  • Financing or refinancing of property.