It’s never a bad idea to give your investment a facelift. Upgrading your rental property can make it a standout home – especially to great tenants! Upgrades don’t need to break the bank to make a big difference, and the results could increase the number of serious tenants who apply for the lease.


1. New cabinet handles – an easy way to make an outdated kitchen look more sleek and stylish.

2. Modern faucets – dingy, dirty faucets are sure to leave a bad impression. Surprise potential tenants with new and sanitary washing areas.

3. Updated backsplash – with a little elbow grease, your kitchen could have the “wow-factor” that sets it apart from other rental properties.

4. New flooring – get rid of that carpet! Carpet is difficult to keep hygienic, wears easily, and ages a room considerably. Vinyl or laminate flooring is an inexpensive option that’s easy to install and creates the stylish look of hardwood.

5. Modern light fixtures – the devil’s in the details. Updating the lighting to encompass a more contemporary design puts a different perspective into a space.

6. New paint – one of the quickest fixes is a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colours are best.

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