Spring is in the Air!

The countdown is on – just a few more days until the official first day of spring! It’s almost time to open up the windows, let the cool air in and enjoy the sunshine.

If you’re hankering to give your apartment some tender loving care after the cold winter months, we don’t blame you. According to a survey done by the American Cleaning Institute, 91% of Americans and 96% of millennials scrub and scour their homes in the springtime. Here are some ways to participate in the seasonal ritual:

1. Sort through old clothes in your closet and donate the clothing you don’t wear anymore.
2. Wipe down shelving.
3. Clean out your fridge and freezer by washing shelves and throwing out old food.
4. Windex your windows and dust blinds.
5. Wash your pillows and vacuum your mattress.
6. Change your shower curtain.
7. Wipe down your light fixtures.
8. Dust behind and around your TV.
9. Steam clean bathroom mirrors and counters.
10. Wash outdoor furniture.

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